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Local Forms

The following forms are for Great Bear District- for other events, please view the BSA Forms section or contact the Scout Shops

2019 Great Bear District Events

 District Award Forms

District Award Of Merit

2018 Service to Youth Award 

2018 Bear Claw Award


Roundtable Maps Judson College

Roundtable Map-Judson

Maps to Judson College

Carpentersville to Judson

Gilberts to Judson

Cambridge to Judson

Hanover Park to Judson

Ohare to Judson College










BSA Forms

Most forms should be viewed and/or saved at the BSA National site, as these will most likely be the latest version of these forms. Some forms may be shown here, but if so they should be verified as the current version. Click here to access the official BSA forms page

Council Award Form

Three Fires Council Silver Beaver Nomination – Fillable

National Award Forms
Click Here for Silver Antelope Award Form
Click Here For Silver Buffalo Award form

Nominations are confidential; to avoid possible disappointment, please do not advise nominees in any way of the action taken in his or her behalf.

If a person has already received an award they cannot again be presented that award, but care should be taken that a person not be nominated because it is thought that they have already received that award, as this perception may be incorrect. It is not appropriate for an individual to nominate themselves for any of these awards.